Cranfield, UK.  The growing migration from the existing Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence to the adoption of the Multi Crew Pilot’s Licence (MPL) is placing much greater emphasis on the use of a range of Flight Training Devices to help train and licence a new generation of airline co pilots/first officers.

The MPL introduces competency based training to replace outdated experience requirements with the aim of delivering students onto flight decks of modern airliners much earlier in the training process. The greater use of flight simulators is a vital part of that process.

In recognising this need, Cranfield Aerospace Limited, a world leader in the design and development of seat motion cueing technology for military aircraft applications has developed a civil variant aimed specifically at the commercial pilot training market. The Civil Motion Cueing Seat (CMCS) is a highly affordable addition to a range of fixed base generic flight trainers. It adds a dynamic dimension to pilot training in upset recoveries, IFR cross country navigation, night flying and instrument flying. The enhanced value gained through CMCS equipped simulators will enable students to advance to the final stages of the MPL syllabus with added confidence and improved pilot handling skills.

Following recent trials of the Cranfield G-cueing system considerable positive comment has been received by the Company most notably from the students themselves who have said that the technology really does close the gap between the training device and the real aircraft. Furthermore one of the UK’s leading instructor examiners commented ‘The Cranfield technology definitely adds value to the training experience’.

This above is clearly an important step forward in helping to deliver well qualified competency trained pilots to the world’s airlines. Cranfield will shortly be able to offer airline training schools and operators the opportunity to evaluate the seat in a CMCS equipped flight simulator at Cranfield.

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