Project Outline:

CAe was tasked with performing runway friction classification surveys on 19 MOD Aerodromes during the summer of 2015 and production of associated reports all in accordance with The Manual for Aerodrome Design and Safeguarding (MADS).

Project Description:

19 MOD Aerodromes ranging from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall to RAF Leuchars in Scotland were tested in just a 4 month period and all friction surveys were conducted with minimum disruption to the operators and were performed around the usual flight schedules.

Runway Friction Classification surveys are generally undertaken at 4-yearly intervals (or on a yearly basis if values fall below the Military Aviation Authority’s Maintenance Planning Level). Friction Classification Surveys are undertaken under controlled conditions using a Mu-meter Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment device with self wetting capability delivering 1.0 mm water depth.

Detailed contour maps were produced in order to highlight any areas of poor friction and comparisons made to previous tests.
All runway friction surveys were meticulously planned to ensure that the tests were performed in optimum weather conditions and during days of limited flight activity to provide a more efficient service.