Cranfield Aerospace Limited (CAe) is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with AV8 UAS Solutions Limited (AV8) on the support and exploitation of the CASSIUS, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solution.

CAe have designed and developed the CASSIUS unmanned autonomous solution (UAS) (often called a ‘drone’ in the media) which offers an autonomous intelligence not found in other similarly sized small, tactical aircraft. Coupled with a touch screen interface, an easy launch capability and a high-definition EO/IR sensor package, CASSIUS is designed to be easily and readily used by commercial/para-military/military users alike for border surveillance, pipeline monitoring and general intelligence gathering. AV8 is a company with vast experience in the training, operational use and service delivery of UAS solutions. Comprising of ex-British Army personnel their extensive experience ranges from the use of nano, (palm-held devices) to large complex systems incorporating an impressive array of sensor and communications technology. AV8 has gathered a broad training capability from their applied and extensive range of real operations in theatre and civil environments and can design bespoke courses and training packages to maximise a client’s ability to operate a UAS.

Together CAe and AV8 offer a highly affordable integrated UAS solution capturing the aircraft, staff training and operational experience to deliver a rapid solution for intelligence gathering and surveillance. Indeed, one of CAe’s launch customers for this new product said, “I have looked at the whole market for the supply of ISR autonomous systems with an affordable price tag and concluded CASSIUS provides the best value for money, is from the UK, ITAR free and is available……fantastic!”

The CAe relationship with AV8 provides a valuable and unique solution for the rapid deployment of the CASSIUS capability into the operating environment via a turn-key package tuned to customer requirements.

Cassius on the launcher and in flight.

Above: Cassius has 3 automated modes, as illustrated above.

For further information contact:

Mark Kelk, Cranfield Aerospace Ltd, +44 (0)7970208634
Mick Davidson, AV8 UAS Solutions Ltd, +44 (0)7824 439294