Cranfield Aerospace Ltd were awarded a contract through 2007 – 2008 by BAE Systems to design, certify, under CAA annex 2, installation and support of a guidance system that interfaces with a Jetstream 31 Flight Director.

In July 2008, a BAE Systems team that also included Cranfield Aerospace Ltd and the National Flight Laboratory Centre at Cranfield University achieved a major breakthrough in unmanned air systems technology. The team flew a series of missions, totalling 800 mi (1,290 km), in a specially modified Jetstream 31 (G-BWWW) without any human intervention, This was the first time such an undertaking had been achieved.

Cranfield Aerospace Ltd, along with the National Flight Laboratory Centre at Cranfield University, have now completed supporting a further program that included the design, certification, and installation of a sensor suite to the aircraft along with other systems currently being developed by BAE Systems.

This is part of a long-term development program currently being undertaken by BAE Systems.

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