Cranfield Aerospace Ltd (CAe) are delighted to announce that they are now supporting the world’s only flying Vulcan bomber, XH558.

CAe will be providing design expertise to reverse-engineer wing leading edge patches. These will be substantial (approx 2m x 2m) patches, with a complex double curvature shape, that must be an exact match to the existing shape. The process will involve state of the art 3D scanning, CAD design, detail stress work and research into the original wing design.

This project builds on CAe’s decades of experience supporting historic aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), Army Historic Aircraft Flight (AHAF), Royal Navy Historic Flight (RNHF) and other owners.

Further details of the project can be found on Vulcan To The Sky website, click here.

For further information please contact:

Stephen Rutherford

Technical Lead Historic Aircraft, Cranfield Aerospace

Tel: 01234 758016
Mob: 07743 394920

XH558 flying above Cranfield on the 19th September 2012 (picture courtesy of Alan Leach, Cranfield)
Part of the CAe team on this project. Pete Howarth (left of picture) CAe’s Head of Design and Stephen Rutherford (right of picture) CAe’s Technical Lead for Historic Aircraft.