Cranfield Aerospace Ltd., part of the Cranfield University Group, has been awarded a contract by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to perform runway friction classification surveys at 19 MOD Airfields and produce associated reports in accordance with The Manual for Aerodrome Design and Safeguarding (MADS)

For all runways, good rideability and knowledge of friction characteristics are paramount for continued safety and effective maintenance cost planning.

CAe has a long and successful history of carrying out friction surveys at both military and civilian airfields in the UK and overseas. This capability forms part of CAe’s core business, and based on experience over the years, CAe is able to offer a very professional service with minimum disruption to the airfield operator.

Our long history of performing friction surveys means that we are very familiar with the requirements of runway friction testing as defined for military runways in the MADS, for civil runways in CAA CAP 683 and ICAO Annex 14 vol. 1 and for offshore helidecks in CAA CAP 437.

Paul Lewis, Head of Safety and Suitability Group at Cranfield Aerospace commented “It’s excellent to see this part of our business providing this high value turnkey service to our partner, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)”.