Cueing the G-force effects on the human body for the purpose of enhanced fidelity simulator training for aircrew has been available in the aerospace sector for some considerable time and Cranfield Aerospace is a market leader.

With its patented G-cueing technology built directly into the driver’s seat, our system provides a highly effective set of onset and sustained G-cues, giving a training experience that is unavailable in conventional, motion platform based simulators.

For several years, Cranfield Aerospace, and its team of engineers, have been developing G cueing technology for motorsport. ‘The intensely competitive nature of the sport places new demands on simulation requiring a capability that simply cannot be met by motion platform systems alone’ said Cranfield Aerospace’s Technical Director, Professor Ian Poll, this month.

The Company continues to develop new technologies and new product solutions for its core aerospace business, and is highly adept at applying its know-how into other segments and sectors of the market.

The motorsport teams are increasingly interested in developing this capability to enhance their development and performance assessment programmes and it is good to see Cranfield Aerospace now bringing new capability into this highly competitive activity’ said David Gardner, Cranfield Aerospace’s Managing Director.