A world-class defence integration team led by Global Venture Solutions Ltd. (GVS) joins Byzantium Infra Orbis-Byzantium Nusantara Sakti Consortium to develop an integrated National Borders & Maritime Security Quick Reaction System to protect the national borders and economic integrity of Indonesia. Included in the GVS team are, Britannia 2000, Chevron Technical Services, Cranfield Aerospace, Selex ES, Intsec Limited, L3 Wescam and Ultra Electronics.

This project will be implemented as part of the Byzantium Nusantara Comprehensive Economic Programme which is designed to fast-track the development of strategic industrial and infrastructure facilities on a fast track basis, financed by collateralised strategic resources, to accelerate the economic growth of Indonesia.

In order to protect Indonesia’s vast resources, the bespoke system is specifically designed to achieve integration and interoperability of the multi-agency combined operations of the Army, Navy and Air Force and other security agencies of Indonesia. The system is to be implemented in collaboration with the joint Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) team.

Byzantium Nusantara Sakti’s role is to maximise the Indonesian content of the project. This project, by using the financial mechanisms offered, will ensure that high technology-heavy industrial investment will be a major part of the project. The major naval and army assets shall in most part be built in Indonesia. Upgrading aircraft assets and system integration shall be in the UK with final assembly in Indonesia.

Participation of the GVS specialist partner team will ensure that British economic interests will be advanced not just for the Maritime and Border Protection security system project but also the comprehensive modernisation of TNI and the downstream development in the Byzantium Nusantara economic development programme. On a recent visit to Indonesia, the British Government offered £1 billion in credit facilities which, if required, may supplement the investments of the Byzantium Consortium to TNI.

Cranfield Aerospace Ltd’s extensive involvement in the programme of work will be to design and certify the proposed aircraft modification to accommodate sensor installations, extended range fuel tanks, communication antennas, a revised cabin layout and door modifications in accordance with Cranfield Aerospace Ltd’s regulations as an EASA approved 21J (Design) and 21G (Production) Organisation.

Meeting General Dr. Moeldoko, TNI Commander in Chief, Byzantium Infra Orbis, Global Venture Solutions, Byzantium Nusantara Sakti at the TNI (HQ)-Pentagon in Cilangkap, Jakarta, Indonesia in July 2015