During the past 40 years, Cranfield Aerospace has gained considerable experience and expertise having hosted numerous water-ingestion trials in support of the certification process required by manufacturers of new aircraft prior to releasing in to service.

Israel Aerospace Industries and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. approached Cranfield Aerospace and discussions relating to the use of the flooded pond facility at Cranfield Airport began.

In Spring 2011, Israel Aerospace and Gulfstream decided to use the unique facilities at Cranfield for their Gulfstream G250 water-ingestion trial.  Discussions became reality when the new long-range, mid-size business jet arrived at Cranfield.

The management and co-ordination by Cranfield Aerospace, working closely with Cranfield Airport and numerous other suppliers of equipment and services, combined in an overall team effort in support of Israel Aerospace, Gulfstream Aerospace and the future success of the G250 aircraft.

The demanding test programme was completed in accordance to the schedule and Alex Feldhuhn, Senior Project Engineer – Commercial Aircraft Group at Israel Aerospace, said:

“IAI was pleased to find a dedicated and experienced team at Cranfield Aerospace, the Water Ingestion test was conducted on schedule and to full customer satisfaction. This test has brought the Gulfstream G250 program one step closer to the type certification later this year”.

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