Cranfield Aerospace Ltd (CAe) are proud to be supporting the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF). Over the years this has involved work on all of the Flight’s aircraft types, and has drawn on CAe’s expertise in design, analysis, maintenance and manufacture.

Our latest project will continue this record, keeping the Flight’s Spitfires operating for many years to come.

Spitfire Undercarriage Investigation, 2009

Cranfield Aerospace Ltd has been tasked to examine the design of the Spitfire undercarriage locking mechanism. The objective is to ensure the reliability of the aircraft as components age, and determine the correct specification for new components. This will require CAe to carry out ‘reverse engineering’ from existing components, as much of the original design information was lost in the 1960s.

Photograph: Cranfield Aerospace’s Senior Stress Engineer Alan Missenden (LHS), in conversation with BBMF Engineer Bruce Irvine (RHS).

All text written by S.Rutherford, May 2009.
Photograph taken by S.Rutherford, May 2009.
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