Cranfield Aerospace Ltd (CAe) success in achieving EASA Part 21 G C2 change of scope to increase our production capability means that we can offer an improved service to our customers.

Cranfield Aerospace have successfully designed and produced a replacement for the original OEM de‑icer timer for the ATP aircraft.

The original OEM design was a transistor timer controlling a motor turning a rotary mechanism to switch the de-icer solenoids. It suffered from maintenance and reliability issues, regularly sticking or burning the motor out. This was having an increasing impact on operations for the airline.

Cranfield Aerospace were asked to produce a form, fit and function replacement that would be reliable and require no changes to the aircraft.

The solution was to use an electronic timer to switch transistors to control the de‑icer solenoids. It is packaged in a housing that can be fitted as a direct replacement for the old unit, with no change to the aircraft structure or wiring. The new unit has the added functionality of a self test to help with maintenance and repair.

This successful project is a prime example of CAe’s ever expanding capability to solve obsolescence and reliability issues of original OEM components on aircraft, to increase operational robustness for operators, saving time and money.