CAe can announce the introduction of new ruggedized temperature loggers into service. These are an addition to our Air Countermeasure Data Logger (ACDL) family developed under contract to the UK MoD (Defence General Munitions PT). The small profile temperature logger is built into an aircraft defensive aids flare cartridge case and is fully certified for airborne applications.

The temperature loggers are fully self-contained, except for the sensors that can be placed where desired. The loggers contain a long life primary battery, removing the need for recharging, and are programmable for various data gathering scenarios. They have been proven on various aircraft including fast jets and most recently on Italian Air Force Tornado. Accompanying the logger, a special instrumented flare has been developed to allow the temperature environment experienced by the flare’s energetics to be directly measured.

Aircraft defensive aids are an extremely important fit for air forces around the world. The ACDL family of devices has been designed to help provide optimum air carriage life for such equipment in operational scenarios, providing increased operational flexibility, reduced logistics footprint and reduced costs for their operators. The CAe loggers have been developed over the past four years to meet the most demanding of applications and have been proved to be a resounding success.

Although designed primarily to gather vibration and temperature data for aircraft defensive aids, their performance makes them ideal for a wide range of applications where high fidelity vibration and temperature data measurement and recording is required, particularly in harsh environments.